Organic Natural Wonder Fruit Tree Fertilizer, 4 LB


Dr. Earth Organic Natural Wonder fertilizer produces remarkable results because nutrients are released quickly, yet continue to feed for several months. Ultra-premium scientific formula provides optimum levels of primary essential plant nutrients, including micronutrients and multi-minerals. TruBiotic ensures organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down and then released in the soil for plant roots to absorb them as they are needed. Infused with Advanced TruBiotic - consisting of "Five Champion Strains" of beneficial soil microbes and eighteen select strains of ecto & endo mycorrhizae - which contributes to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance. The Dr.Earth(R) probiotics are a most complete "broad-spectrum" bio-active package designed to work
Wonder formula. This spectacular blend builds soil health, promotes a superior harvest with larger and more abundant, nutritious and tasty fruits. Rich in: High Country Feather Meal, Wild-caught Alaskan Fish Bone Meal, Cold Water Kelp Meal, Valley Grown Alfalfa Meal, Naturally Mined Potassium Sulfate, MicroActive Micronutrient-rich Seaweed Extract (synergistically boosted with micronized humic acids for maximum bioavailability). Ideal for: All fruit trees & berries.

Organic Natural Wonder Fruit Tree Fertilizer Concentrate, 32 oz.


Dr. Earth Organic Total Advantage Rose & Flower Fertilizer with PreBiotic and ProMoisture Hydrate is formulated to feed flowering plants naturally to promote bigger and more abundant blooms. Prebiotics (soluble sugars) provide the existing soil microbes with food and energy to multiply more quickly. ProMoisture Hydrate (Aloe vera) concentrate assists in the hydration of biotics in the soil by coating them with a patent-pending slimy layer to enhance microbial hydration. Total Advantage is great for all roses, flowers, flowering trees, shrubs as well as both annuals and perennials. Rich in: Fish meal, Fish bone meal, mined potassium sulfate, kelp meal, seaweed extract and earthworm castings.