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Mr Beer European Bonus Brews Collection Complete Home Brewing Kit


Brew pack offers two distinct and popular beers for 2 batches (4 gallons) of home brewed beer Includes 1 Czech Pilsner & 1 Oktoberfest Lager Includes 2-gallon fermenting keg with lid and tap assembly and 11 reusable plastic PET 740ml bottles Instructional DVD included to make it even easier; Kit is convenient and reusable Lightweight, shatter resistant keg is made from FDA compliant plastic and imparts no taste or flavor migration

Russian Imperial Stout Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit


Contents: Ingredients, Priming Sugar, Grain Bag(s), Bottle Caps, Brewing Procedures Fermentables: 6.6 lbs Dark LME, 2.0 lbs Dark DME, 8 oz Maltodextrin Specialty Grains: 8 oz Caramel 60L, 8 oz Roasted Barley, 8 oz Black Patent Hops: 1.0 oz Columbus Bittering, 0.5 oz Cascade Aroma Yeast: 1 Sachet

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