Hundreds of varieties available to start your garden from seed! Get a jump on the season and save money by starting your veggie plants indoor from seed. Some varieties such as radishes, greens, carrots, and more are also only available as seeds, not started plants.
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Onion Bulb Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah Seeds


Allium cepa var. cepa Item #0291 Long day. 100 days. The Sweet Spanish onion was grown in the U.S. at least as far back as 1916. Sweet Spanish Utah is from that early type, producing large, 3.5"-5" globe-shaped bulbs with amazingly mild, sweet flavor. A long-day variety, it grows best in states north of the 37th parallel. Utah designated this onion the state vegetable in 2002. This packet sows four 10-foot rows.

Broccoli Sprouting Summer Purple Seeds


Brassica oleracea (Italica group) Item #0290 60-90 days. Sprouting broccoli produces shoots (rather than one head) and is easier to grow than common broccoli. Unlike most other sprouting varieties, Summer Purple does not need a cold period to start production. It continues to produce throughout the heat of summer and early fall. Fresh spears are beautiful on vegetable trays, and can be steamed or stir-fried for a tender, succulent, nutritious addition to any meal. Purple florets "magically" turn green when heated! This packet yields 24 plants when started indoors.

Cress Garden Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Organic Seeds


Lepidium sativum Item #6101 Cool season. Annual. Go a gourmet step beyond traditional watercress with this zippy garden cress also known as pepper grass. Similar to watercress, but easier to grow, it is a cross between a broad leaf Persian and a curly cress, for more intense piquancy. Its crisp upright leaves make for easy cutting. Forget about using parsley as a garnish! Replace it with this frilly, flavorsome beauty with a fun name.

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