Luster Leaf Rapitest Dial Compost Thermometer


Rapid test dial compost thermometer. Easy to read dial gauge stainless steel thermometer with a 19 inches probe. 1 3/4 inches dial diameter that reads up to 220 degrees. 20 inches in length. The 19 inch stainless steel probe reaches deep into your compost pile to let you know what's going on the inside.

Good Ideas Compost Wizard, 12 Cu. Ft.

Good Ideas Compost Wizard, 12 Cu. Ft.


With our compost bin you can make rich, high quality compost from your garden, yard, and kitchen waste in just weeks. Rich black color attracts heat from sun for quicker composting - 100% Recycled Material - BPA Free. Recessed handles on sides of drum provide easy turning action; also act as agitators on inside of drum to help mix batch. 72 air breather openings on ends allow air introduction within batch and quick composting action; door also fitted with 2 way vent. Size - 31 High x 28 Deep x 36 Long; Capacity - 12 Cubic Feet Inside Chamber.

EarthMinded Rain Station Barrel Sandstone, 60 gal.


The EarthMinded RainStation RS-0003 is a an attractive combination planter and rain barrel with the same proven diverter system as the retail edition and the added benefit of all-brass parts and designer colors. A reversible, large opening lid with locking feature for safety and alternate planter top with soil drain clip. Dimensions 39-inches tall x 28.5-inches diameter

Home and Garden Showplace Compost Bags, 30 gal.


5 Bags 12x16x36, Biodegradable